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    Our poll
    What inner clan events do you prefer?
    Total of answers: 56

    March 12th - Clan Development
    March 23rd - Clan Launched
    March 27th - Neji1337, kokotoharutake, uchihaitachi1324, shikamaru_87, killersdeat0, alfarsenal, BraNdon714bma, Shippuden-Naruto, who3ver Joined.

    Welcome to the great "AGE OF PIRATES"
    Age of Pirates is a clan based purely on the anime One Piece and developed for all those who share a love for it.
    Age of Pirates (AoP) can be seen as the "Sister" clan of The Grand Line Clan, although it has no affiliation with TGL itself.
    AoP had been formally approved for development and encouraged upon by The Grand Lines Leader. This will be the First Major One Piece Rival for TGL, and we hope it will be as awesome as the first (If not better). The great Age of Pirates has officially begun in search for One Piece

    AoP was started by Squirrel_ZA who started playing naruto arena in 2006, easily became hokage then with the old ladder until the servers went down (those that were around then would know what i meant by this). The servers destroyed all stats and all characters everyone had. this naturally put him off the game till January 2007. 2 years of gaming pass and The Grand Line came along, a One piece clan built to dominate naruto-arena. Although the clan appealed to Squirrel_ZA, Fatality was the clan that gained Squirrel_ZA's respect.

    After joining Fatality, he served under Shadow (a great leader) proudly. It was later though that he noticed TGL had gone unrivaled for too long in the one piece universe. It was this moment when AoP started development. TGL is without a doubt a respectable clan and lead by a friendly guy, but it was time to Rival this clan for the domination of One Piece.

    So what makes us different from all the other clans?
    - Unique individual inclan League.
    - A Friendly leader with years of experience. I have currently over 70% ratio and an akatsuki rank.
    If One Piece is an anime you love to watch, then this clan can be knocking at your door.


    Highest Level: 42
    Highest Streak: 32+
    Current Ratio: 70%+
    Country: South Africa
    Previous Clans: FC
    Short Bio: Squirrel_ZA likes to strive at everything he does, he wants to help all his members learn and get better throughout naruto arena but most importantly he is after the King of the Pirates Crown.

    Top 10 Streakers
    1. TBA

    - All Naruto Board Rules Apply
    - No Spamming, Flaming
    - No Clan hoppers (as SECRET gets affected)
    - Captain/Leader Decisions are Final

    The recruitment is broken into 3 phases.

    1a) Skill Phase
    - Must have a Highest Level of 26+
    - Highest Streak must be 15+
    - Must have over 62% win ratio
    1b) GFXer
    - Must have been GFXing for a while
    - Able to post 7 pieces of work
    - Achieves Captains Satification

    2) Personality test
    - This may seem like a weak test but is by far the greatest of the 3.
    - Come into our chat and just say hi, introduce yourself and tell us about you.
    - if we like you then you pass. (Afterall getting on with everyone is what makes clans grow)

    3) Private battle
    - 2/3 vs a Captain
    - No Same Teams, No Cheap Teams (Stunners, Drainers, Counters etc)
    (Note: if you lose this round you still "MIGHT" get in, depending on how well you play and how your past 2tests went)


    Bounties are essential to any One Piece Clan, they are a means of judging a pirates strength and activity.
    TGL's Leader has kindly agreed to share the one piece trait with AoP, and thus opened a Friendly Rivalry with TGL. For This AoP would like to show its gratitude to TGL openly. Bounties are given to a Pirate which has proven himself worthy by acomplishing an achievement, this may be by winning a tournament, streaking or even GFXing for the Clan. Higher the Bounty on a Pirate, the more Dangerous and powerful he is.

    AoP has decided on using a simular bounty rising system as that of TGL in order to allow for comparisons of Pirates against one another. But to make it more realisitic, AoP has multiplied the Bounties by 10 to reflect the actual One Piece world.

    Bounty Achievements in (Berī):

    - Win the Age of Pirates League - 5,000,000
    - Win a Competition from the forums - ?????
    - Win a Clan Tournament - 250,000
    - Win a Tournament - 100,000
    - Win a Crew vs Crew Tournament - 200,000
    - Defeat a Captain in a 3/5 Match - 25,000
    - Win a Ladder game against any TGL member - 10,000 (Captain must Inspect)
    - Win a Ladder game against any TGL Captain - 20,000 (Captain must Inspect)
    - Win a Ladder game against any TGL Leader (Dice01) - 30,000 (Captain must Inspect)

    - Win a GFX Contest - 100,000
    - Get a GFX Showcased - 100,000
    - Create a GFX for a clan member - ??? (See Captains)

    Speciality Bounties
    - Streak +20 -> 250,000
    - Streak +25 -> 320,000
    - Streak +30 -> 400,000
    - Streak +35 -> 500,000
    - Reach Sannin with 75% win ratio - 250,000
    - Reach Akatsuki with 70% win ratio - 350,000

    (NOTE) Bounty Awards are given at Captains Discretion, if deemed unworthy, the Decision is final.
    Just try again next time. (Else Bounties would be just given away)

    These are the Crews that are currently available throughout the great Age of Pirates:

    Black beards Crew is the strongest in this clan and represents the really powerful in wars. This team consists of League winners only, and have earned their place here. Their captain, Blackbeard, (a darkness devil fruit user) was originally a member of Whitebeard's band of pirates (and Ace's subordinate), until he killed one of his crewmates and defected, heading out on his own and forming his own crew.
    Captain: TBA

    Gecko Moria is the captain of this Sinister Crew. Moria, after been defeated somewhat 10yrs back has managed to congregate with the dead to summon an army worth devouring the entire grand line. Moria, now been Shichibukai leads this crew through the grand age of pirates, in hope to become the only surviver
    Captain: TBA

    Arlongs Pirate Gang is one of Cruelty and inhumanity as their ambition is to have nothing less than a slow takeover of all the seas in the World. Arlong began his quest with an inconspicuous and disturbing source of income to fund his ambitions, forced 'tribute' payment from humans in exchange for their lives. This Crew is surely one of the forces to be reckoned with.
    Captain: TBA

    Wapol can devour pretty much anything be it sharp, living or poisonous without being adversely affected and have the ability to fuse that which he eats with his own body at will. It seemed that in his capricious and saddistic whims, Wapol, been a selfish fellow, stole all the doctors from the village and required his country's people to grovel at his feet just for a chance to see them. This crew is for those that want to gather and keep all resources of others.
    Captain: TBA

    Buggy Pirates are of comical Genious's. Their humour is of sick and cruel intent, where they love to blow things up with a special buggy ball from their cannons. This Crew Led by Captain Buggy, a devil fruit user of the Chop chop fruit, are arch enemies of the Straw Hats after their defeat in Lougetown.
    Captain: TBA

    The Pumpkin Pirates is a group of children who pretend to be pirates that lived in Ruluka island 50 years ago. One day, their home village was attacked by Whetton and his pirate crew. The Pumpkin Pirates managed to foil the pirates's plan, but only to be sucked in the Rainbow Mist and ending up into Ape's Concert. Once these Pirates have gained enough experience they will be promoted into the the Real Pirate Crews in the Age of Pirates.


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